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Exchange Offer

How does Exchange work?


1. Tell us about your old Mac

Once you've decided which Mac to buy, Call us at +91 9999-00-7111 and provide details of your old Mac.


2. Offer availability

This Exchange offer is only available in Delhi-NCR location, Please check you location before you hit 'Buy Now’.


3. Hand in your old Mac for new one

Once the Order is placed, the new Mac will be shipped. Hand in your old Mac, in working condition, to the field executive at the time of delivery.





  • How do I know if my Mac is eligible for the Exchange Offer?
    To know if your old mac qualifies for the Offer, check the list of eligible devices in the Exchange Offer form.
  • How do I find out my Mac’s serial no?
    It's easy. You'll find your Mac’s serial no. on the original invoice, the original manufacturer's packaging and on the Mac itself (mostly on the backside).
    You may also get to know it through the device itself from “About This Mac”.
  • If you still need assistance in identifying the Serial Number, please call us on +91 9999-00-7111
  • How do I avail the Exchange Offer?
    First, you need to fill out the Exchange Offer form. We need some details about your old Mac and your location. You'll then see the effective final price of the Mac you wish to purchase. You can conveniently hand in your old Mac, in working condition, to our field executive at the time of delivery.
  • How do I send my old Mac back?
    Your old Mac will be picked up by us at the time the new one is delivered. Kindly keep your old mac ready with all your data backed up.
  • My Mac is listed as eligible and exchange is available in my location. Are there any more conditions to avail the offer?
    Well, as long as your Mac is listed as eligible and is in working condition and not physically damaged, it is good for exchange.
  • Do I need the device's bill of sale when I'm exchanging it?
    No. The bill is not mandatory.
  • Should the device be in working condition to qualify for this offer?
    Yes. Your old Mac should be in working condition with no physical damage.
  • Can I exchange more than one device towards a purchase?
    No. You may only exchange one device at a time.
  • What's the bill value when I avail the Exchange Offer?
    You will see the actual price of the product on the bill. A credit note for the value of exchange will be sent with the bill.
  • Can I provide one address for pick up and another for delivery?
    The address needs to be the same, as pickup and delivery happen simultaneously.
  • In case I wish to return the new Mac bought in the Exchange Offer, will my old Mac be shipped back to me?
    Unfortunately, the Mac you are exchanging cannot be shipped back to you.
  • Can I hand in a different Mac for Exchange?
    You can only exchange the Mac for which you have provided details.
  • Any reminders before I exchange my Mac?
    Kindly ensure all your data is wiped up and cleared from your old Mac before exchange, Or else we can also do it for you.
  • Why do I see a pickup charge for availing the exchange offer?
    When you avail the exchange offer, our courier partner picks up your old device right from your doorstep. It is then shipped to the seller in lieu of the new device. The pickup charge covers pickup from doorstep, packing and shipping of your old device. MacSlatch only facilitates the exchange process.